Curse of Atlantis


by M. Paul Hollander


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Was Columbus actually searching for a route to China? Did Ponce de Leon really search for the Fountain of Youth? With one accidental discovery, all of American history may need to be rewritten. Harley’s mom and dad had unintentionally found a long lost document at Roanoke Island, and then his mom had died mysteriously in a motorcycle accident before the two of them had time to investigate this clue from the past. A year later Harley and his father have returned to North Carolina in hopes of solving her death...and possibly answering the centuries old question, “Where is Atlantis?” The two motorcycle enthusiasts meet Marlene and Anna, a mother and daughter staying at the same campground on the Outer Banks. Harley soon becomes friends with Anna. As they grow closer, Harley realizes that Anna may hold another key to solving the mystery of Atlantis, the murder of Harley’s mother...and possibly the murder of her own father. As they creep closer to the truth, Harley and his dad begin to realize what is at stake with such a discovery...and how far others will go to be the first to find the legendary Atlantis.


About the Author

M. Paul Hollander

M. Paul Hollander is a teacher, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a history lover. Each year he combines those three passions by traveling around the country, visiting historical sites, delving into the past, and learning what is seldom found in history books. The author resides in central Wisconsin, where he also officiates various sports throughout the school year. He also is the co-creator of the Lewis and Clark Replica Trail in Grand Marsh, Wisconsin, a hiking/biking trail that allows the visitor to “walk” in the steps of the Corps of Discovery on their monumental two year journey across the continent.

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Curse Of Atlantis
Curse of Atlantis