Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths)

by Fayton Hollington


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Patients of Dialysis, we have a voice...

The lack of familiarity, with regard to dialysis is frightening. Dialysis is all too serious an issue, a world devoid of judgments, and increasing in necessity. The general population is clueless, as to how close they themselves may be, to having a dialysis machine waiting for them. There is no warning; it strikes at will, despite financial status, ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs. When dialysis knocks, it is swift, and rambunctious in its quest. Evading it is not an option, so embrace the teachings. Be a part of the dialysis world without experiencing it first hand, it is a gift. Introducing you, and transporting you on this journey, is my attempt at shining a light, in hopes of moving you closer to where fate has led so many of us. Since the age of twelve, the Nephrology world has, and continues to have me tethered. I applaud the medical profession for their due diligence, but there is still a mighty hill to climb. Kidney disease, the world of dialysis, and every patient sitting in a dialysis chair at this very moment, urge you to find out the facts about dialysis and kidney donation. The knowledge you walk away with could save your life, a loved one, or that of someone else. Altruism; when open-minded to education, you are apt to appreciate donations. Intriguing and thought provoking, this opus is for those who have never crossed over, and experienced this world first hand. Tethered to a machine for survival, takes an emotional toll, yes on the patient, but family and friends as well. Anyone who draws breath needs to take this expedition. Dialysis patients, unfortunately, know their untold truths, so this may simply be confirmation of sorts, acknowledgement of their not being alone. This is the point of view of one patient, not a physician. I ask that you and others hear our voices. As the creator of the opus, I have first-hand experience. Removed from the machine, with my second transplant of a lifetime, I am certainly blessed. My objective is to open everyone’s eyes and minds, especially those of you who never been tethered to a dialysis machine. From my perception, you will value the emotional charge, and destruction dialysis forces upon patients, and their families. Again, the goal is to enlighten, in a manner that is sure to linger, and have you examining your own predicaments. Come laugh, cry, and most of all, the psychological stirring will enlighten you to self-awareness. I so appreciate you passing the word on this novel. It is far from what you think, and for all who draw breath… Please take that breath with us…


About the Author

Fayton Hollington

Battling Lupus at twelve, introduced me to the Nephrology world. Lupus vanishes, but renal damage remains. Seventeen years later, my kidneys fail, and dialysis becomes my world. A donation from a sibling liberates me after seven months. Seven years afterwards, the transplant rejects, and dialysis pulls me in once again.