Through the Eyes of a Child

by Mark Kramer


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Though some proper folk in our rural neighborhood believed that Pap’s gruff mannerisms, colorful language, and frequent inebriation had set him on the fast track to perdition, through my eyes, Pap was my hero and was just one authenticated miracle away from becoming a saint.

When I was young, my grandfather never told me that he loved me. It was the unspoken subtle things he would do that convinced me that he cared. Things like storing the blasting caps on a different cabinet shelf than the sticks of dynamite, or warning me not to swallow my spit after instructing me to blow back through the clogged pesticide sprayer nozzle. Looking back, I’m not so sure he wasn’t just trying to protect his dynamite.


About the Author

Mark Kramer

Author of the children’s book Santa Claws, a True Story, Mark Kramer worked in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania for twenty-five years. He left the mines, enrolled in college and earned a secondary education degree and currently enlightens the minds of history students in the Mt. Lebanon School District near Pittsburgh. Mr. Kramer resides with his wife at their country home in Bavington where he continues to entertain his three sons and grandchildren with his storytelling.

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