Critter Golf III: The Storm

by Randy Cochran


Book Details

Hail...Wind...Rain...Lightning...Thunder...Complete Disaster...And Snowing Butterflies!

Critter Golf III: The Storm is the third book in a series of incredible adventure tales involving four best friends and all types of twists and turns. Thomas, the Great Horned Owl, tells the story while he attempts to keep up with the fun, friendship, triumphs and more than a few unfortunate mishaps. Jennifer, Sarah, Alex and Andy have built a friendship that keeps getting stronger all the time—and they will need one another’s help more than ever. Sometimes it seems these buddies cannot manage to stay out of trouble. But honestly, most of the time this year it’s really not their fault. Come and witness as nearly every emotion is reached in these spell-binding chapters. What would you do if the skies blackened? How would you deal with being tied up hundreds of feet off the ground? Can a critter escape from a hunter’s trick box? Do you have fleas? Did someone say kirobees? Who is the mysterious yet enchanting woodcarver? Turn these pages and find answers to these questions and more. The episodes enclosed within the cover of this newest Critter Book are as unpredictable as they are wholesome stories of friendship. Come and follow the best friend’s antics from the forest preserve and back onto the golf course. Find out if they are trapped in a predicament so big, so bold, so tough they will even reach out to a human for help. You’ll see firsthand why Thomas can never stay perched high in his favorite oak tree for long. So often he must soar down swiftly to whisk his bushy pals away from the danger they have stumbled into. Remember, warmth and laughter are always a part of the outcome—eventually. Join the excitement in Critter Golf III: The Storm.


About the Author

Randy Cochran

Randy Cochran grew up as a caddy and attended Marquette University after receiving a Chick Evans Scholarship. He finished Marquette majoring in communications. After college he joined the PGA of America to become a golf professional. Randy married his wife, Barb, in 1984 and they have three daughters, Mandy, Tracy and Katie. Randy worked as the Golf Professional at Briarwood Country Club near Chicago for 26 years, teaching countless junior golfers. Having winters off, he coached youth and high school soccer where he helped even a greater number of kids. Throughout his golf pro and coaching life, he wrote hundreds of silly poems and told many made up stories for all occasions. As his own children became adults they and Barb urged him to write some of those stories down. Now he has. Randy is the author of Critter Golf: The Adventures At Owl’s Nest and Critter Golf II: Chaos At Owl’s Nest. There will be more adventures to come.

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