Priscilla Willa, Party Planner

by Michelle McCormick


Book Details

Meet PRISCILLA. She’s 10. She’s brilliant. And She’s the BOSS!

Ten year-old Priscilla Williams was born to run a business empire! When her mother throws a disastrous birthday party for her, Priscilla has no choice but to fire her from all future parties. Recognizing an awesome business opportunity when she sees it, Priscilla forms her own Party Planning company. Together with her best friend, Jolette, and her hyper cousin, Spaz, this enterprising trio can handle anything a client throws at them (unless, of course, the client happens to be a dog)! Come join the fun as Priscilla and her friends discover just how RRRUFF making a buck can be! Check out Priscilla in her next business adventure: Priscilla Willa, Party Planner: Night at the Haunted Hotel.


About the Author

Michelle McCormick

Michelle McCormick is an elementary teacher and mother of twin entrepreneurs. She is a lifelong resident of Nebraska. This is her first children’s book.

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