Drugs and Death

Murderous Killers

by Stanley Yokell


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Drugs and Death is the author’s first Private Eye murder mystery. P.I. Gene Spratley is hired by drug dealer, Biggy Adams to find out who is hijacking his trucks and dealing drugs cut with poison, Spratley discovers that Adams is using his wife and mistress as moles to offer sex to his suspected competitor, Joe Gunnoff who discovers they are moles, and hires Pedro Quintella, AKA Señor Asesino, to kill them. A jogger finds their bodies. Spratley identifies Señor Asesino as the murderer. Quintella kidnaps Spratley’s secretary and bedmate, Janet Simpson. Quintella demands Spratley make arrangements for his safety in exchange for releasing Simpson. Simpson suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome and sleeps with the kidnapper, who returns her unharmed. Soon after her return she discovers she is pregnant. Spratley marries Simpson. But neither he nor Quintella ever learn who fathered the baby.


Book Excerpt

Marcy Livia started her early Sunday morning run at the east end of the Big Rock Mall where she parked her bike. She planned to run to the west end where the mall ended and continue up into the foothills. When she ran far enough uphill, she would turn around and run down to the mall. Then, the restaurants would be open and she could have her usual Sunday breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese, and lox, and a mug of coffee with sugar and cream before riding back home. On the way, she paid no attention to two people lying in the grass near a bush on the lawn in front of the county courthouse. It was not unusual for Big Rock’s homeless in to sleep there during warm weather. However, on the way back she noticed the same two people lying there as if they had not moved. Curious, she tiptoed over to look. Each had a hole in the back of her head. There was very little blood. With trembling hands, Marcy took her cellphone out of the fanny pack she wore when running and dialed 911. When the operator responded, Marcy could hardly speak. She whispered “They’re dead, with holes in their heads.” “Ma’am, who is dead?” the operator asked, “where are you?” “Two women, uh, on the mall in front of the courthouse,” Marcie could barely get the words out.” “Please stay right where you are. Don’t touch or move the victims. The police will be there shortly,” the operator instructed.


About the Author

Stanley Yokell

Stanley Yokell is a retired professional engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Like many Coloradans, he has had a full life of outdoor activities. His published books include The Ship, a book about a landing ship tank (LST) that saw combat in the Pacific during WWI; The Ride, (written under the pen name S. Israel), about his solo coast-to-coast bicycle trip to celebrate his 59th birthday; Dog Stories, about the important dogs in his life; House of Mirrors, an erotic novella; and Sex, Love and Erotic, an anthology, both written under his pen name; A Happy Life, his autobiography; An Old Timer’s Scuba Tales, an illustrated recounting of the author’s nearly 1,000 scuba dives; Murder at Plato House; his first murder mystery; Old People, an anthology of stories about the elderly; Beneath the Surface, fictional tales of scuba diving; The Body in the Park, his second murder mystery; The Murder on the Mall, his third murder mystery; and The Foothills Mystery; his fourth in the series; 2084 The Secularist Revolution, a tale of how technology upset the power of religion over people; A Little book of American Haiku, which follows the classic Japanese form; and Short Stories and Sketches, an anthology. His technical books, all published by McGraw-Hill are A Working Guide to Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers; Tubular Exchanger Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, written with Carl F. Andreone; and Closed Feedwater Heaters for Power Generation: A Working Guide, written with Michael C. Catapano and Eric Svensson.

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