Joshua Steele

A Shadow In St. Paul

by Bob Manuele


Book Details

Danger doubles as the search continues!

The recently reunited twins refocus their attention on the search for their still missing siblings. Since the next two brothers are located on separate planes, Josh and Nick decide to split up in order to save time. Josh and Alan set off to Pedrusa and find that Glenn and the Valzor have already been hard at work turning this new plane into a maroon nightmare. Conditions on Pedrusa continue to deteriorate as Josh tries to convince a stubborn Tony to move home, to Eothes. Dusolba has poisoned the surface water and people are being ‘embedded’ into inanimate objects. Small creatures called the Minorga assist the boys. The plane experiences a storm of epic proportions as Josh’s powers escalate. The battle for Pedrusa rages. And Glenn has no intention of losing this plane like he did Lenucott. Nick and Kyle nervously head to Stolano where they enter a wondrous underground version of Minneapolis. Zack is a young genius who lives by logic and has difficulty relating with his peers. Nothing short of a miracle will convince him of his true identity. Instead of Glenn, they also must deal with Lawrence and his shadow creatures. People are being deflated and incarcerated in a unique shadow prison. Becoming desperate, Nick seeks help from the Kormish and from a most unlikely ally. Timing is of the essence as Nick’s powers continue to increase and his plan is set in place.


About the Author

Bob Manuele

After writing a well-received fan fiction story, Bob Manuele’s friends and coworkers pushed him to write an original story. The Joshua Steele series is the result of that push. A Shadow In St. Paul is the 2nd book in that series. Bob lives in the desert southwest and works for a major airline.

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