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Tragedy Begets Opportunity...

A game-changing event motivates Sunita Thapa to travel to Nepal to meet the family she never knew. With her friend, Liz, Sunita treks through the Annapurna Valley, celebrates a Buddhist wedding, and encounters despicable people. The Poison Ring is a story of connecting with the past in order to understand the present. Nepal is the land of valleys, traditions, incredible people, and Mount Everest. Toss in a ring, a raven and the photo of an unidentified child. The end result is The Poison Ring—a story of suspense, humor and international intrigue.


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Freddie Remza

Freddie Remza combines her love of writing with her passion for experiencing world cultures. Adventure travel is more than trekking through the villages of developing countries, riding sampans in the Mekong Delta, or being on safari.It’s interacting with orphans in South Africa, handing out toothbrushes in Nepal, and sharing stories with people who appear different from us but are so much alike. The Poison Ring is Freddie Remza’s 4th novel.

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