Understanding the Haftarot

An Everyperson’s Guide

by Rabbi Charles Simon


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Here’s what critics are saying about Rabbi Simon’s book: “In Understanding the Haftarot Chuck Simon has made the Prophets come alive. With his knowledge of Biblical history and keen sense of drama, Simon gives context and familiarity to the men and scenes of the Haftarot. I recommend this book to all who are seeking deeper understanding and clarity of sequence in the weekly prophetic readings.” Cantor Nancy Abramson, Director, H. L. Miller Cantorial School Jewish Theological Seminary “Rabbi Simon has provided a valuable contribution toward garnering spiritual meaning from our comprehensive Shabbat liturgy. Rather than viewing the Haftarah cycle as a random array of sacred texts, he has constructed a useful and inspiring framework. Combining historical context with thematic assessments, this volume brings the weekly Haftarah to life. Side-by-side with the Torah portion, these prophetic readings are intended both to elevate the soul and to strengthen our ties to Jewish Peoplehood, past and future.” Rabbi Alan Silverstein Current Chair of the Foundation for Masorti Judaism, Past President of both the Rabbinical Assembly and of the World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues


About the Author

Rabbi Charles Simon

RABBI CHARLES SIMON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, FEDERATION OF JEWISH MEN’S CLUBS Rabbi Charles Simon has served as the Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs since 1981. Under his guidance, FJMC has produced numerous books, guides, films, and programs designed to enhance Jewish life, for men and women and their communities at large. Rabbi Simon has been responsible for the production of a host of materials designed to make Jewish life more accessible. These accomplishments include the development of the highly acclaimed Art of Jewish Living series, authored by Dr. Ron Wolfson, the writing and production of two educational films, A Guide to the Shabbat Morning Torah Service and The Ties That Bind. He edited and supervised the Hearing Men’s Voices series, a series of five manuals designed to assist Jewish men to address issues facing them today. Rabbi Simon has also written 2 books devoted to teaching people how to lead and participate in community prayer. He has been published in Commentary Magazine, Judaism Magazine and Reform Judaism. Rabbi Simon was instrumental in the creation of the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism. In addition, he is responsible for starting and nurturing three Masorti congregations in France and two in the United Kingdom. His Mezuzah Housewarming party was translated into Spanish in 2005 as was his film The Ties That Bind. In November 2007 Rabbi Simon received the prestigious Sheirut l’am (Service to our People) award from the World Council of Synagogues and in 2011 the Yuval Award from the Cantors Assembly. He currently serves as the Conservative/Masorti Movement’s representative to Europe. His most recent endeavors are a weekly haftarah commentary that began in October 2009 and a book titled Developing a Successful Volunteer Culture, A 1977 graduate of the Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Rabbi Simon served as a congregational rabbi before coming to the FJMC. His primary interest is the development of lay leadership and the cultivation of volunteers. He lives in New York with his wife Mary Katzin.

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