A Voyage into Colors

by Valentina Cirasola


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“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!” ~ Coco Chanel ~

Creativity is not a gift for a group of a few chosen people only, it is a gift everyone has; it is a mental capacity residing in all of us. We are creative in our every day life, resolving problems and finding solutions. Finding our personal style is a process, a matter of learning techniques and following certain basic rules, until we get used to be “creative”. Color will help us creating a message, a mood, a feeling, a character, or harmony. Color is life! We live under a blue sky and a yellow sun; a silver moon kisses us at night; we swim in green-blue seas and climb on brown mountains; we stroll in green parks and forests, our gardens are filled with a profusion of colored flowers. Nature has done it all for us, we can just copy it and celebrate. We are the nature; we are the colors. In the past, color was one of the elements added to a given project. Today the color is the project; it has become a philosophy in the arts, in marketing and in our lives. We live in a culture of colors as life’s manifestation and as a means of communicating with others. Today’s minimalism, simple décor and arte povera is a reflection of economic scares, but in history opulence was manifested through colors. We are now able to produce objects balanced with colors; we can design colorful spaces or wear amazing color combinations that will add a smile on our face and energy to our personality. Since a young age, color has been the primary power in my life manifestation and later determined my design work. With this book, I wanted to depict a colorful bouquet of information regarding home interiors, fashion and food, all the subjects that are dear to my heart. If we live in a home reflecting our personality, if we wear colors becoming to our face and body and if we eat in the rainbow, we can only expect to exude positive energy, which in turn will captivate our surroundings. Gauguin said: “Color is the language of the listening eye”. It helps our imagination soar with inner power and mystery”. Allow yourself to experiment with various color combinations and challenge your fantasy!


About the Author

Valentina Cirasola

Valentina Cirasola is Italian born and has been a lifetime designer creating and building homes for high profile clients. Tell her your story she will design your dream. She also creates personal image and designs fashion around the personality of a few selected individuals. She treats the quotidian life as a colorful surprise creating the unexpected for herself and her clients, never a dull moment, but the reason she works so hard is that she truly loves what she does in any given moments and cannot distinguish when she is working or playing. Her motto is: “Get up, dress up, show up!” She has been described the colorist. True! Colors vibrate her life. Visit her work: Being a curious person, Valentina transfers her love of colors into food too. She is the author of two published books on regional Italian cuisine. They are available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, through her publisher and through her books website:

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