by Albert C. Bender


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The Thirties were a time when Americans were facing the gloomiest and the most non-promising economic outlook they had ever known. Yet, those were the moments when as a boy, and with his little friends, played together behind the Row Houses that we lived in. We played in the school yards, on hills and in the woods, and enjoyed the camaraderie of each other. This Edition is a follow up to my first book, which is titled, JUST US KIDS IN THE ALLEY. This new Edition will focus on more of those zany, hilarious and happy moments, as kids, growing up in Northwest Philadelphia in the thirties. Yes, it was the thirties. But, we were a care free group, us alley kids, in spite of the dangers that lie ahead in the world. A world to us which was alien, and a million miles away in our thinking at the time! >


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Albert C. Bender

I, the author, Albert C. Bender, have written this book titled More-Kids in the Alley-Tales as a follow-up to my first book, which is titled Just Us Kids in the Alley. Again, as one reminiscent to those wonderful and exciting moments that I enjoyed as a kid living in Northwest Philadelphia. Those wonderful moments with my little friends were experienced in a most tumultuous and trying time. This new edition I have written will preset more stories about those times in the early thirties. The world we enjoyed as kids, was our alley and the area nearby where we played. We grew up with the innocence of a young child. And this when America was in a depression and the outside world was facing a War. Yes! Those were uncertain times for all. However, we did survive it. I moved from Philadelphia in 1940 back to N.J. where I was born. We lived in a town called Maplewood. At the age 19 I joined the Navy and served 4 years in Korea. I married in 1956 and established my own business thereafter. I had 3 children. In 1982 I lost one at the age of 18. My wife died in 1992. I then moved to South Carolina where I reside at the present time.

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