The Darkness Revenge of the Rising Sun

The angel takes the girls home

by Charita Padilla


Book Details

Darkness in His Soul

For most of us, the word “mother” suggests safety and comfort – someone whose love is reliable and unchanging. But what happens when your mother is the opposite of all that…when you’re the victim of a mother who abuses and hurts you? The Darkness: Revenge of the Rising Sun focuses on a man who can’t forgive his mother for the pain she caused him, and the siblings who saved his life. He is left with a soul full of revenge, and a terrible desire to spill out the hatred in his gut. But redemption comes in surprising ways. This novel will take you on an unexpected journey of emotion ranging from tears to laughter, and its touching ending will stay with you long after you turn the final page.


About the Author

Charita Padilla

Charita Padilla lives in New Haven, Connecticut, with her two children and her husband of seventeen years, Sammy. Charita is disabled, and enjoys the freedom and adventures she finds in writing.

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