Best Friends 3

Sophmore Year

by Edward & Eunice Vought


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“Eddie, you love me don’t you?” “You know I do. What do you want me to do this time? ” Now I know I am in trouble.

“It’s nothing really, did you hear about the play the sophomore class is putting on in the spring?” “Yes, each class is putting one on.” I am sensing impending doom. “This year the class sponsors got together and decided to do something different. Instead of doing traditional, well known plays they decided to allow each class to choose a theme and let them write their own play and put it on.” We are going in a circle so that everyone gets an opportunity to participate. It seems every time I think of something someone else has the same idea. Finally I have an idea that I think might be worth something and nobody else said it first. “Maybe we could do something with a patriotic theme, everyone here is talented, except perhaps me, with either musical instruments, singing or dancing. I know a lot of you have been hoping our play would be a musical so you can show those talents off. What if we did something like a USO show? We could pretend we are holding auditions for acts to visit our troops and the people auditioning would do it for our audience. The grand finale could maybe be a song everyone knows and could include the audience.” Everyone is looking at me like I just grew a second head. “Or not, sorry it was just a thought.”


About the Author

Edward & Eunice Vought

Edward and Eunice Vought are the proud parents of six children. They live in Marion, Ohio. For the past thirty years they have been involved with youth in church, school and community programs. The Voughts began writing Best Friends for their grandchildren, until friends convinced them to expand the circle and share the story with others. "We have always felt that young people need reading material that helps emphasize moral principles and christian values.

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