The Miserly Mind

12 1/2 Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal

by Elise Cooke


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To Become a Millionaire, Think Like One

Creative frugality is more than a lifestyle, it is a mindset.

Tightwads come in all stripes and types, but they do have one thing in common: They’ve found a way to make the most of their circumstances and resources, and how to use them to build real wealth. The Miserly Mind, 12½ Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal humorously and insightfully reveals

• Why frugality is the only reliable means to wealth

• What expenses to avoid

• How to shop

• Where to look for revenue

...and much more. Learn the secrets of the Miserly Mind and start saving today!


About the Author

Elise Cooke

Elise Cooke is the award-winning author of Strategic Eating, The Econovore’s Essential Guide and The Grocery Garden, How Busy People Can Grow Cheap Food. Her frugal way of thinking has been featured in PBS BizKid$, WalletPop, Essence Magazine, The Bay Area News Group, The Monterey Herald, Bay Area Kids Magazine, eHow and many other venues. Visit her website at

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