Come Mia Nonna

A Return To Simplicity

by Valentina Cirasola


Book Details

"The red on the cheeks comes from the mouth"

Old Folk Proverb

Octavian, a Roman Emperor once said "slow down, we are in a hurry". This book is a tribute to slow food and appreciation of life, a life made with human rhythms.

A return to simplicity because these recipes from the Region of Puglia, in Italy are so very uncomplicated that even if you have never cooked in your life, you will be able to put an attractive dinner together in a short, short time.


About the Author

Valentina Cirasola

Valentina was born in Bari, Italy to a family of artists, designers and food connoisseurs. Growing up, Valentina was only allowed to watch the cooking happening around her, but not practice it! She wanted to imitate the adults, but did not get the opportunity until she moved away and started to cook for herself out of necessity. Then, as if by miracle, it was as if all those years watching, eating and tasting translated to doing. She recalled the perfection how every dish was supposed to look and taste. Watching her family and eating good food every day, gave her the expertise of a professional chef.

Today, living in America, Valentina teaches cooking from her Region of Puglia, spreading lightheartedness and joy, while passing her notions of good life and health through good eating. In her words:

“Puglia’s food will keep you younger longer than you want to”.

Valentina has written this book for people who have never cooked, people who are afraid of cooking, beginners and those who don’t have time to cook. This book is a proof that anyone can put together an excellent and healthy meal in thirty minutes and without spending a load of money. This book will allow you to entertain with delicious food and save you money.

Valentina goes to Italy! She organizes culinary tours that delve into the rich history, beautiful architecture and the discovery of hidden corners and food of her homeland. Valentina is an avid, passionate cook. She takes interest in cuisines of the world and she is especially interested in food in the history. She is an intellectual, entertainer, teacher of cooking classes, a designer and world trotter.

Valentina’s main profession is in interior designing with a special focus upon Kitchens! What a better designer than the ones who cooks! Valentina puts passion in everything she does. She has been in business as a certified interior designer since 1990 and served a variegated group of fun people in Europe and in United States. Visit Valentina at:

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