Best Friends:

The Beginning

by Edward and Eunice Vought


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In today's world,

it takes a whole lot of courage to stand up for what's good.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Ed Marlow, and I am what fathers have nightmares about

and what causes adults to cringe when we are around. I know everything about everything,

and I am not afraid to tell you so. I am a teenager. The only two things in this world that scare

me are acne: those pimples will kill your ego, and teenage girls."

For all of his bravado, fourteen-year-old, inner-city kid Eddie Marlow stands above most teens

his age. As he enters a new school and moves into a new neighborhood, he finds himself

confronting daily challenges. But nothing quite prepares him for meeting Mindy, the frostbite

queen. Now all the principles and virtues he has been taught will come to bear on the choices

he makes. Whether he's dealing with school or church responsibilities, enemies or friends,

or the uncharted waters presented by the opposite sex, there's nothing like real love to test a



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About the Author

Edward and Eunice Vought

Edward and Eunice Vought are the proud parents of six children. They live in Marion, Ohio, where Edward is a manufacturing engineer and Eunice works with the Head Start program. For the past thirty years, they have been involved with church and school youth programs as well as summer sports programs with their children and friends. The Voughts began writing Best Friends for their grandchildren, until friends convinced them to expand the circle and share the story with others. “We have always felt that there are not enough books with Christian principles written in a way that is entertaining as well as uplifting for teenagers and young adults.” Both converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their early teen years, the Voughts say of Best Friends: “Most of these experiences and feelings are common to the young and not-quite-so-young people of pretty much all religious persuasions.”

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