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When Curiosity Turns to Obsession

Lindsey Porter, with her friends, Matt, Corey, and Beth are vacationing in a cabin in the mountains of Vermont. During their stay they encounter the macabre murder of two police officers, an Indian named Charlie Two Claws who believes his wife was taken by a mysterious religious sect called the Mind Benders, and a gutted pig dangling from an oak tree. Lindsey risks herself and the lives of her friends in stubborn determination to discover what is happening in the sleepy town of Vermont.


Book Excerpt

What was to be our last vacation together turned into a nightmare that took us straight into the bowels of hell. Drawn in by their evil seductive charm, the four of us had naively stumbled upon a people whose way of thinking would change us forever. We lost our idealistic innocence that year as the cold bloody reality of a strange macabre world engulfed us leaving us with only once choice…..accept it or die


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Wendy L Courchaine

A native Rhode Islander, I have been writing for over forty years from poetry, plays to novels. I believe it's time to let the world in on my little secret. Yes, I can write. Check me out at

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