Beyond The VEIL Of Mortality

A Pathway to A Better Life

by Theodosia McLean


Book Details

The Power to Change Your Life is within you and can be achieved by those who read this book.

Beyond the Veil of Mortality will teach you how to manifest your desires in record time and guide you step by step along the way! I will show you how to easily rise up and live the life of your dreams! Learn how to live beyond the limiting thought form of your mortal self. I will take you to a level of consciousness where you will be able to not only create your desires; but also live your dreams!Let's lift your thoughts past what the eyes can see and truly come into contact with the world beyond the veil of (illusion) MORTALITY.


About the Author

Theodosia McLean

Theodosia McLean, President of Reflections of the Covenant Youth Organization, C.E.O. of Proven Family Transformation System and Founder of Proven Family Relationship Transformation is best known for her great success in Healing the Hearts and Minds of Youth, Bringing Peace and Harmony back into the home and Helping Couples "Live In Love"! She holds a M. Div. and is very passionate about helping others achieve their Desires and Live their DREAMS! My Personal experiences has given me the authority to boldly speak and direct you upon a path on which I myself have already traveled. My desire is that you too will overcome the LIMITS of Mortal Self and go Beyond The Veil and Live a life where EVERYTHING you Touch Turns To GOLD!



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