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Tears of a Rose

With Tears of a Rose, Ronald Montgomery transports the reader on a journey to rediscover the voices of nearly forgotten emotions. In his poems, love, beauty friendship and pain are more than concepts. They move through our memories and peek around corners at the most unexpected times, to expose dust covered feelings. They speak to the reader's senses and give voice to memories that languish in realms hidden, but not forgotten.

In his writing, Ronald continually changes perspective. He takes us on journeys to explore the human condition. In these explorations, he shares an unbridled desire to look at, to look behind, and to look beyond the walls of a body that contains us. This captive spirit speaks now through these poems and often describes the mirrored walls of self-discovery. At other times, he talks of a world seen through bars - a world in view, but out of touch. And, as a final offering, he exercises what seems an unfettered imagination, and practiced storytelling skills to repeat lore and oral history of the heart.


Book Excerpt

Today as I walked in the rain, I saw a rose that moved to and fro with the impact of drops upon its petals. As I viewed this beauty, I knew that soon it would be severed from its stem to grace the whim of some fickle beauty, or to dot an eye � a boutonni�re for some princely charmer. Or, perhaps, it would be centered on some table to witness a hearty meal. But, for the time being, the drops ran between the petals like rivers, and fell to the ground. I fancied them tears.


About the Author

Ronald Montgomery

Ronald Montgomery is an observer and frequently a participant in his poetry. These lines capture poignant events conjured up by life. His style of writing, much like a camera, captures the emotions � tragedy and joys of living � single moments in time. Through his lens, he has a clear view of life�s stage. His, is a talent heralded by many, as both the most imaginative and perceptive since Nikki Giovanni. Tears of a Rose is the first in a series of writing pursuits. This volume of poetry is followed by a second and equally stimulating set of poetry � �Escape from Cape Coast Castle.� Readers will be blessed by the insight and wit that hide in plain view, between lines of his cleverly spun verse.

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