Spanking Yesterday

by Oxbow Lake the 2nd (with Ward Bobb the 3rd?)


Book Details

An insanely funny materpiece of science friction (yes, science friction)by an unrecognized comic genius

'Spanking Yesterday' is a novel written as a journal by the frictional and schizophrenic Ward Bobb who is institutionalized. Ward is obesessed with H. G. Wells' 'Time Machine' which he views not as science fiction but as revelation and prophecy. As part of his treatment, he must write a journal of his life, particularly his life at Kronos Technologies International (KTI) where he managed a technical writing department and where, in spite of... or perhaps because of... his mental illness, he fits right in. Amongst his odd yet corporately semi-acceptable actions, he sells stock to fellow employees... his tribe of pubs creeps... in a department library of pornographic books and pictures and then uses pictures from the library to control the behavior of the programmers with whom he works. Ward becomes convinced that the KTI corporation is controlled by Wells' cannibal Morlocks who are establishing a beachhead and threaten human kind. When he reviews his journal entries, and comments on them as his psychiatrist has recommended, he finds that someone else is writing disparaging remarks. It all becomes too real and he is convinced that he must spank yesterday and take action!


About the Author

Oxbow Lake the 2nd (with Ward Bobb the 3rd?)

Oxbow Lake the 2nd may be a pen name. We're not sure. His first novel, 'The Adventures of the Posse of Little Horses' won the prestigous Costa Concordia Award for Fictional Excellence. 'Spanking Yesterday' is his second novel and it too will probably win a Concordia. Fearing a law suit, we include Ward Bobb the 3rd as a contributor to the novel although we're not sure that Mr. Bobb actually exists.

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