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The Piasa Puzzle

Daniel looked up at the wall clock. "Well that brings us to the end of our time, but I should tell you that the last sighting of the Piasa Bird was April 1948. Guy named Coleman, while riding on horseback about four miles from Alton, claimed to have sighted a bird "bigger than an airplane." The students were now standing, packing their bags, adjusting their coats, readying themselves to leave."Oh, by the way, be careful out there," Daniel laughed. "And remember to look up now and then, you never know. When Daniel French, a graduate student of archaeology, sets out for a romantic picnic under a mysterious local cliff painting known as the Piasa Bird, he unwittingly finds himself involved in an ancient tale filled with passion, sacrifice, love, and loss. The Piasa is a famous petroglyph overlooking the Mississippi River near Alton, Illinois. First described by French explorers Marquette and Joliet in 1673 and later called "America's most fascinating free roadside attraction," the origin of the Piasa is shrouded in legend and obscured by time, with no known date of creation, name of creator, or purpose. As Daniel French seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient work of art, he learns that there is more to the Piasa than meets the eye


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As she approached, Donna saw that he was looking into a small dry alcove that had been exposed by the collapse of the cave wall. She came closer as he shined the light directly on what had excited him. Lying flat on a raised area of the small pocket was a skeleton. Something near the hand of the body caused the reflection that had originally attracted his attention. Wow," said Daniel, "Who do you suppose this was, and when?"
"Don't know, don't care," replied Donna, her shivering increasing from the cold, the darkness, and now the unnerving presence of the skeleton. As an art major, she had little of the fascination for old dead things that Danield seemed to have. "But I do know it's time to get out of here. It may have been someone like us who got lost and couldn't get out. Maybe he was trapped by the wall caving in?" She shined her light across the ceiling as if trying to spot the next loose rock about to crash down from above.


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Raymond Scott Edge

Dr. Raymond Scott Edge was first inspired to become a teacher during a high school history class five decades ago. This decision shaped his career, leading him through a variety of universities and academic positions. He is the author of several textbooks involving health care law and ethics. Since his retirement, he returned to the high school history classroom to once again teach. Edge currently resides with his wife, Marilyn, family, llamas and other gentle creatures in Montgomery City, Missouri

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