Shadows Falling

A Paranormal Novel of Pedophilla

by Carmen


Book Details

Does a Pedophile pursue the same spirit into many different lifetimes?

Elena, a Jewish orphan of five, is subjected to the cruelest and invasive acts of pedophilia by the Clinic’s Jewish Doctor. When a teen, she is adopted by a Jewish couple and she endures the same patterns of abuse she had as a youth while her mother deliberately looks the other way. Having been imprinted since youth in the many bizarre sexual acts, she invites her high school friend, Dieter Ernst, a member of the Nazi Youth Corps into her bedroom desiring to experience again those acts, but without the use of force. Ernst is naïve, but intrigued and together they form a bond that will last beyond this lifetime. He tries without success to protect her savage abuse from her adoptive father, which escalates in his attempt to get even with her lover. Their clandestine relationship ends on the night of Kristallnacht, when Elena is rounded up and sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp for women. Earnst, now an SS Lagerkommandant, ask to be transferred there to isolate her from the abuse and torments the other Jewish inmates endure. This dalliance doesn’t go unnoticed, and both meet their demise and thrust into their present lifetime. She now as Cyndi, endures the same pedophilic abuse, but now by her biological father from the age of 5 until 17. This only ends when she becomes psychotic and is confined to a mental institution, enduring the same physical abuse in her final days at Ravensbruck. She in a catatonic state is subjected to rape, object penetration and anal abuse by the male attendees. Upon her release, years later and married to an abusive husband, she meets a man at social event who triggers a memory of a distant terrible time. He introduces himself, and she says, “Yes I know who you are. You’ve come back to me again...and just in time.


About the Author


As a law officer, I’ve investigated, arrested, and testified in the trial of pedophiles and the defense of their victims. These youths often hopelessly ensnared in the abomination of sex trafficking with little or no hope of escape. Even in fear of their lives. I chose to remain anonymous to continue this work, and hope this novel will, though only in part fiction, will lend some credulous to the horrors these victims endure...