Let's Go to Hell

Scattered Memories of the Butthole Surfers

by James Burns


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Walking through the Haze…

The Butthole Surfers remain one of the most enigmatic bands in the history of rock music. Most of their records have no information of any kind, and often with the suggestion that you play them at 69 rpm.... They lived like nomads through much of the 1980s, and built their reputation upon tours that never ended, and shows that resembled hedonistic acid tests. They left a heap of former band members in their wake, and have often alienated as many fans as they’ve attracted. Here for the first time is the complete story of one of the most controversial and dangerous bands to have emerged from the ashes of the punk rock movement. ‘Let’s Go to Hell’ compiles the scattered memories into the first comprehensive overview of the band. Featuring exclusive interviews, tons of rare and unpublished photographs, and analysis of the band’s vast recorded (and unrecorded) efforts, ‘Let’s Go to Hell’ finally tells the story that was thought (and often hoped) would never be told...


About the Author

James Burns

James Burns lives in Saugerties, NY with his wife and four children. He founded Cheap Drugs Records in 2000. 'Let's Go to Hell' is the 9th release of the label, and first book to bear the Cheap Drugs name... James been running the Butthole Surfers Anal Obsession archive for more years than he wants to admit. You can contact him via email at notsaved1401@gmail.com.