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Teddi McCoy is back!

A cave deep within the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains in southern Mexico holds the ancient secret to the abrupt disappearance of 300,000 Olmecs, 2,400 years ago. During the 1980s, Dex Lowe and his team of archaeologists found that cave and its hidden Olmec fortress. Instead of reaping wealth and fame, most suffered horrible deaths from a ruthless menagerie of otherworldly creatures. Now, Dex Lowe is one of the expedition’s two survivors and police chief in Gator Creek, Florida. But his past rises to haunt him when horrific creatures abduct him. FBI Supervisor Teddi McCoy teams with her professional and romantic partner, Swamp Jack LaFevre, to save Dex. The two learn the true meaning of fear when they confront a gauntlet of enemies. A seductive voodoo witch. Bloodthirsty monsters. Lethal fortress traps. And chilling Olmec magic. Their quest leads them deep within the mountain stronghold where they discover the incredible truth behind the Olmec vanishing act. But Dex’s life isn’t the only one in danger. The creatures plan to destroy the world as we know it, and it’s up to Teddi and Swamp Jack to stop them. The clock is ticking…


Book Excerpt

The deafening roars were right behind them. Teddi glanced back and watched the heavy shower ricochet off their shimmering multi-colored pursuer. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase rainbow warrior. In that brief instant, the rain exposed its terrifying features. Her eyes widened in horror. The monster was at least ten feet tall and definitely not of this world. The monster’s three eyes, with the largest one planted squarely in the middle of its forehead, glared at her. An enormous Venus flytrap mouth snapped open and shut in its wrecking ball head. Teddi didn’t spot its nose or ears, but then again, she was in a real hurry. Weariness finally overtook both women and slowed their progress even more. The rain and shoe-sucking mud didn’t help either. The willow tree was close, but it looked like the monster would catch them long before they reached it. A rapid series of lightning bolts flash-danced overhead, and the instantaneous explosions rocked them off their feet. All three collapsed into the milk chocolate puddles. Teddi wiped the gritty water from her face and spied a sturdy Banyan tree a few yards away, where the path curved around it. She got to her feet and yelled at Aleta to drag Dex behind that tree. She hoped that the shimmering monster couldn’t push it over as easily as it did the oaks and palms. Once Dex and Aleta were out of sight behind the giant tree’s trunk, Teddi ignited her flamethrower and waited for the alien creature monster to get within twenty feet before squeezing the fuel-release trigger. She nervously licked the raindrops from her lips. The Rainbow Warrior could cover twenty feet in two short strides.


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David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of seven critically acclaimed horror thrillers. He now resides in Ohio and enjoys its four seasons after moving from Florida. Visit David on Facebook and learn about his upcoming projects.

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