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A primeval terror stalks the fog-choked Scottish moors . . .

The discovery of a mysterious fossil along a desolate stretch of Loch Lomond ignites a series of grotesque murders. The vacationing FBI Supervisor Teddi McCoy and her good friend, Sheriff Dex Lowe, reluctantly join Britain’s MI 6 in their search for the killer. Soon, they become targets of a criminal corporation’s plot to sell bloodthirsty clones to terrorists worldwide. Eccentric psychic, Jackson “Swamp Jack” LaFevre, flies to Scotland to protect his endangered friends, Teddi and Dex. To even the odds, he forges an unholy alliance with a rogue fiend that’s powerful enough to tackle their enemies. They ultimately learn that an act of treachery thousands of years ago initiated the clone project. Treachery that has cast a long shadow over the future of the human race. Allbooks Reviews named Demon Key one of its top three fiction books in 2009. “David Brookover has crafted a work of phenomenal fiction in Demon Key. Dexter Lowe, Teddi McCoy, and Jackson LaFevre are a trio that only the fates in their most capricious mood can draw together. It is one to be read, recommended, and remembered.”


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David Brookover

David Brookover is the author of four critically acclaimed, sci-fi/horror novels. He resides in Florida. Visit David on Facebook.

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