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The paramount story of the human race is begging to be told…

Walking the World, the first novel of Terrence Kero’s groundbreaking trilogy about human migration, tells the compelling story of prehistoric hunter-gatherers who had no crops, no domesticated animals, and no means of transportation besides their feet, people who walked and walked until they eventually populated the world. The novel opens in San Francisco in 1999, when Lisa Koskinen receives a gift from a distant relative in Finland: an odd necklace made of large canine teeth strung on a leather thong. With the help of carbon-dating and DNA analysis, Lisa and her parents gradually trace the history of the necklace and their family back to their earliest origins. Alternating between the present day and flashbacks to the bloody, dramatic first migration to Finland, Walking the World will have you living through heartbreaking struggles, intense romances, life-and-death encounters, crimes of passion, violent deaths, joyous births—all the tragedies and triumphs of the Koskinen clan from the dawn of time to the current day.


About the Author

Terrence Kero

TERRENCE KERO is an electronic engineer who holds patents in computerized speech recognition and high-speed data networks. His journey from engineer to author began with an interest in tracing his Finnish-American family’s roots, a journey that eventually took him back to the earliest history of human migration. Walking the World is based on more than ten years of his research in anthropology and human genetics, and on his own travels along many of the rivers, mountain ranges, and other migration routes he describes in his novel. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford and UC Berkeley, among other universities. Born in Moose Lake, Minnesota, he currently lives in Pacifica, California, a suburb of San Francisco, with his wife, Takoma.

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