The Unraveling of America

by Stephen Douglas Hayes


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LBJ-Engineer of JFK Assassination

America is going to the dogs? Of course it is. Everything falls apart. We are no different. So relax and enjoy it. LBJ was the reason for JFK’s murder. Of course he was. I am not a conspiracy wacko. In face of all the evidence for a cover-up, to believe otherwise makes you the wacko. Once you understand the extent of the cover-up, all roads lead to LBJ. Consider this - all other presidential assassinations occurred right after an election. JFK was slain before the election because LBJ had no other way to become president, and the only way to stay out of prison was to become the President of the United States. The personal relationship between a History teacher and his protégé during years of friendship, correspondence, and travel tell this fascinating story.


About the Author

Stephen Douglas Hayes

Stephen Douglas Hayes has read voraciously and studied history his entire life. He has written ten novels and six plays. After cancer and successful treatment, a massive heart attack left him in a six-week coma, during which he conceived this book. Additional books came to him in the coma and are still to be written. Living in southern California now, Mr. Hayes was born in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. Exhibiting that New York style and brashness, as well as the gift of language from his Irish forebears, he is proud of his Navy years, his wife and daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren.

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