Unexplored Lives

A Collection of Short Stories

by John K. Briscoe


Book Details

Challenging Circumstances

What would happen if you left your cell phone with private photos in a bathroom at a high school party, or survived severe childhood physical abuse, or were bullied every day in junior high school? What if you were wrongfully arrested, tricked into loving an unconventional person, or had outside forces change your relationship with your mother? How would you cope with the paranormal, or a discouraging difference in how people saw you, or a perplexing murder with despicable suspects? Unexplored Lives is a compilation of 9 stories that reflect the varied lives of ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. These situations may initially seem familiar, but life can be complicated. As you discover the tales within this book, be prepared to cringe, smile, and frown as a world of individuals whose uncommon experiences are uncovered.


About the Author

John K. Briscoe

John K. Briscoe has a B.A. in Philosophy from Brown University, a Master’s of Science for Teachers from Le Moyne College, and a B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University. He has lived in Boston, Syracuse, Albany, San Francisco, London, and Dutchess County, New York. As an avid movie goer, he enjoys seeing how plots develop and twist back onto themselves. Regardless of genre, if a movie (or film) is done well, he will gladly view it. It is this interest in various types of perspectives that influenced this book of stories that study the human psyche under stressful conditions. He believes that dealing with life’s uncertainties is something for which we can rarely prepare, but ultimately reveals who we truly are. In his spare time, he goes to the gym, travels, watches lots of movies, plays video games with his nephew, and spoils his cat.



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