A Multibillion-Dollar Industry Translation & Interpretation

The Future in Language Careers

by Lynn Henry-Roach


Book Details

Are you bilingual? Use your language skills to make money and help others as a translator or interpreter!

A Multibillion-Dollar Industry Translation & Interpretation: The Future in Language Careers is for bilingual speakers who want to jumpstart their career as a translator, foreign language interpreter, or American Sign Language interpreter. Whether you’re a foreign language teacher, a native speaker of a foreign language with a professional proficiency in English, a university student in graduate level language programs, or you’ve already obtained your degree, this book offers insider knowledge on the various aspects of the industry, including trends and projected career growth.

This is not a technical guide on how to interpret or translate. It’s a concise yet comprehensive overview of a multifaceted business that continues to grow in the United States and globally. A must-read for those seeking an exciting and rewarding career!


About the Author

Lynn Henry-Roach

Lynn Henry-Roach, Core-CHI, brings over 20 years of industry experience as an interpreter and translator, educator, and business leader. She is the owner of 4u Language Services, LLC, a full-service multilingual translation and interpretation agency, and aims to provide quality career coaching to future interpreters/translators and those seeking certification and/or to expand their business. Lynn Henry-Roach is most passionate about family life, humanitarian causes, and education for all. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two children.

email: 4ulanguageservices@gmail.com