Tracking My Soul

A Philosophical Autobiography

by William H. Odekirk


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Starting in 2002 I have kept a daily journal and besides the events of the day I have tried to energize it with a “Thought of The Day”. It has produced over 2,500 different thoughts plus the journal.For twenty

years I have also written poetry, mostly philosophy in nature. All of my poems would make a book of about seventy pages.This book contains three parts. First my life story which consists of less than half the book, thirty one pages of my poems and lastly one hundred forty three

pages of my best “Thoughts of The Day” made into an encyclopedia of thoughts, categorized by subject in alphabetical order. It became obvious that these bodies of work, my autobiography, my poetry, and the thoughts of day was me at my deepest level; it was a pathway to my

eternal self, my soul.

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William H. Odekirk provides readers with the common sense philosophy of life he has forged over seventy years of hard work and earnest thought.  Witty, wise and whimsical, his 2500 “Thoughts of the Day” and his poems will delight readers with their insight, their novelty and their truth.

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds events, and small minds interpret the Bible for you.”  So says the author in one of the many unique aphorisms contained in his “Thoughts of the Day.”  An avid fan of Eric Hoffer, Odekirk does justice to following in his common sense philosophical footsteps in this remarkable collection of original thought.

Noting that a philosopher must have three prerequisites -- an intellect, an open mind, and the common sense “not to engage a dogmatist” -- Odekirk opens readers’ eyes while entertaining them with one good chuckle after another, both in his “Thoughts of the Day” and in poems like “Out East” and “What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden.”

An ardent Christian himself, Odekirk tolerates no small minded, recalcitrant points of view on religion and makes keenly and vibrantly known the troubles the world has fallen into at the hands of narrow minded men.

He is a tenth generation American with many stories to tell, i.e. his great, great grandfather was a wheelwright, joined Joseph Smith’s Church of Christ in New York before they were know as Mormons, then joined their militia and followed them west, maintaining and preparing their wagons.  Mr. Odekirk is married with four children and lives in Washington state.      


Book Excerpt

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What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden

It was heaven on Earth
enjoying Eden’s smorgasbord
so Adam wondered if he should
bring his troubles to the lord,
fearing being misunderstood
Adam said, “Eh...   
... Lord, could I have a word?”

From on high came God’s reply,
“Adam, why the tearful eye?”

“This garden this earth you did create
how could I not but appreciate,
it’s beauty it’s abundance is a blessing,
but Lord there’s something missing.”

“What is it Adam, what can it be,
what is lacking that I can’t see?”

“Eh  - forgive me Lord, -  it’s only this, 
and this only, you see Lord I am lonely.”

“Hmm ...   ..I see...   ..I see Adam,
and this too I shall solve,
from you I’ll make woman evolve.”

“What is woman Lord,
will she keep me from being bored?”

“She will be beauty supreme
surpassing anything you’ve ever seen.
She will anticipate your every desire
satisfy that inner fire,
from her there will be no strings attached,
she will be your perfect match.”

“I am humbled by your compassion Lord,
how long before she comes aboard?”
“But wait Adam, there is a price too pay
and I must have your finally OK.”

“Tell me Lord, could there be to great a price
to complement this paradise,
compared to Eden what is the pittance
you will extract,
for this wonderful loving act?”

“Adam it will cost a right arm,
right leg and I fear,
your left testicle, an eye and an ear.”

Slowly...responds Adam...sounding glib,
“- Eh - what can I get Lord for a rib?”


About the Author

William H. Odekirk

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I am seventy three years old, have the same beautiful wife for 54 years, that now has Parkinson’s disease, I love to care for, but wish there was no need. We have two sons and two daughters, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
I have had a diverse career path, I have been a meat cutter for the first twelve years of my working life, I sold real estate for a couple of years, owned a continuous rain gutter installing business for thirty years, owned two small grocery stores for four years, and for the last thirty years have owned Ode Products where we manufacture and sell our own inventions related to the aluminum gutter business, to wholesale distributors throughout the United States. Many endeavors on this career path overlapped.  I am now retired and working on my second book, while our youngest son runs the business.



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