Touchdown Love

What was scored for one was scored for all.

by Walter Taylor, Jr.

Touchdown  Love

Touchdown Love

What was scored for one was scored for all.

by Walter Taylor, Jr.

Published May 24, 2007
96 Pages
Genre: RELIGION / Christianity / General


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You Were Born to Score Big!

Are you satisfied with your relationship with God and those around you? Do you make more sacrifices for a game of sports than you do for a friend? "Touchdown" is an acronym that is used to help you see your spiritual walk in a new light. You will gain fresh insight and wisdom after reading this book. Make a point to score touchdowns that will last a lifetime.


Book Excerpt

Chapter 4

Any good athlete knows that the best players are some of the best communicators. In the game of football, those that can quickly get in tune with the plays, learn, and communicate them effectively are the most successful. A receiver communicates to the quarterback when he’s open. Communication is a constant thing and you are always communicating, whether you believe it or not.Most of our battles would never become anything if we learned to win them in our heads first.

The enemy of your mind, will, and emotions wants you to entertain ungodly thoughts, vile affections, doubt, fear, or anything that does not give God glory in your minds so that you cannot become effective for God. The enemy’s goal: to get you off of God’s course. If I can get you off course—running down some little rabbit trail doing something that you are not called to do—then I will slowly drain you of your energies because I have taken you out of your element. I have taken you out of your area of expertise.

When I get you out of your element, I have you right where I want you—a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. If you never master anything, you become the slave to everything and to everyone, never knowing your call and always frustrated.

You just wander around looking for the next thing to do and the next project. I am not saying that you should not help where help is needed, but you should weigh out every assignment that you take on to see if it brings you closer to your purpose. Is what you are doing now bringing you closer to the assignment that God has for you on earth?


About the Author

Walter Taylor, Jr.

Minister Walter Taylor is an author, speaker and football fan, who was inspired to write "Touchdown Love" through a word of exhortation spoken to he and his wife Twanda during a church service in Tampa, Florida by Pastor Billy Burke, and from other football experiences.

Walter has shared his inspiration in prisons and churches, and now in a published books.

Touchdown Love" will challenge you to make a different kind of score.

Walter lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife Twanda, and they are the proud parents of three wonderful children. You may contact Walter at:

Walter Taylor
PO Box 290432
Columbia SC 29229