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Love and Grace - The Enemies of Religion and Abuse!

Torn Bible is a brutally honest and thought provoking memoir of perseverance, resilience, and redemption. It is a look into a life plagued by sexual, domestic, church abuse, and mental illness. Sharon takes you on a very personal journey into her pursuit of love and acceptance. Her life takes many twists and turns through fear, trauma, and the fog of religion and legalism in her quest to know Jesus and His love for her. It is a story permeated by the love and loyalty of one family, while chasing love and acceptance from another. It is a story of a transformed heart and a developing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Sharon brilliantly tells her story, with humility and boldness. Torn Bible is truly riveting and astonishing.


About the Author

Sharon D. Green

Sharon Green is an author and freelance writer. She’s a Bible teacher and a sexual/domestic abuse advocate. Sharon has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from DePaul University and currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Urban Leadership from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. Sharon resides in Chicago, IL