Tomorrow, I'll Claim the Good Life

by Louise Wright


Book Details

A Thought-Provoking Read about the Consequences of Making Bad Choices

This contemporary, mainstream, women’s fiction follows the exploits of Heather, a journalism student having just completed her junior year. She begins summer break living with her brash new boyfriend, while taking on a writing assignment at an exclusive, yet mysterious retirement community. The unexplained disappearance of one of the elders and a strange morning ritual piques Heather’s curiosity. This summer of first love and insightful interviews teaches Heather what it takes to claim the good life.


About the Author

Louise Wright

Other books published by Louise Wright are The Boarders at Hawk’s Nest, The Other Side of Tragedy, and This Can’t Be Happening. Her writing muse kidnaps her during the overcast frigid days of winter and those breathless torrid days of summer. She lets her characters do their own thing as she records their unpredictable behavior and plights. Suddenly the day expires, and other things needing completion still remain. Louise is claiming the good life in Glen Allen, Virginia, with Ray.