Time Warped Travelers

by Robert Westfall


Book Details

A tale of love, time travel and sweet revenge.

Elizabeth Howard and Thomas Evans are two young time travelers willingly staying in the year 1922, in the fictious town of Blainesville, Ohio. There they indulge in the legal, and illegal, additions of the day while doing good deeds for Beth’s parents and other less fortunate people.


Book Excerpt

I guess I should have been checking the mirror instead of Beth’s boobs because, out of nowhere, things went black between us. It was that huge book that Ada the Righteous was reading, and when she spook, Beth and I listened. “Lizbeth, you move to the right, hug that passenger door, look due east and nowhere else. Here, take this blanket and cover yourself up. I told you not to wear that dress around this one—now move!” Seeing as how I was the only one left, I must’ve been “this one”. I picked up the pace a bit, put my hands on the steering wheel at ten and two o’clock and braced for a severe ass-chewing. Turns out I braced for the wrong thing. She was holding onto that book with her right hand in the middle—I guess so she wouldn’t lose her place—and a thumb wrapped around the back. The impact on my head had to be from a two-handed swing because I heard the loud thud as it bounced off my right ear. The book slipped out of her hands after she landed her inner-most feelings about me, and it fell in my lap. Oh please, any other volume in the world but this one, I thought. This just ain’t right. The big black book was the full edition, seven hundred pages of it, large easy-to-read print and probably eight to ten pounds. I’d just been King James Klobbered with the biggest Bible I had ever seen. I knew I had it coming, but not in front of my sweetheart. I composed myself and politely gave it back to its owner.


About the Author

Robert Westfall

Robert Westfall is a retired over-the-road truck driver who developed a passion for writing fiction eight years ago. He has been published in the ezine Crime and Suspense, and Trucker’s News Monthly in August, 2008.