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With a name like Nuisance

life can be challenging

to say the least.

Dakota horse stops dead in front of the general store, there’s a wagon out front and he stops right next to it. I am sitting here looking stupid, well stupider than usual. A few minutes after we stop here a very pretty young lady comes out of the store yelling at someone inside. She is dressed in a man’s clothing which is strange for the west these days. She is talking like a man too, this lady can cuss with the best of them. She looks around and sees me staring at her. I’ve never seen a woman as pretty as her.

“What are you looking at? Maybe the question should be what are you?” Now I’m embarrassed, I’m trying to get that horse to move but he ain’t going nowhere.

When Nuisance, Dakota horse and the dog ambled into town they had no idea what they were getting into. Not that it would have changed anything, they are simply not the type to allow anyone to ride roughshod over a lady. Join them as they help Miss Emily and prove to the bad guys that he is only a nuisance to them.


About the Author

Edward & Eunice Vought

Ed & Eunice began writing about Nuisance primarily for Eunice’s mom and dad. They are die hard western fans and since Ed and Eunice are big western fans as well they decided to try their hand at writing one. Although born and raised in Rochester, New York Ed has always enjoyed reading books about the old west. Eunice was born in Tulare, California and spent most her younger life in Arizona, where she and Ed met while he was serving there with the Air Force. Their favorite western author is Louis L’Amour. They have read everything they could find written by him. Ed and Eunice are the proud parents of six children and currently have two granddaughters.

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