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Poems of The Trail of Life as written by a Cowboy Poet

This book is an anthology of Cowboy Poetry written by Steve Deming. It is his perspective on life and life’s moments of challenge. The cowboy way is direct and to the point. Each poem is a word picture that provides an opportunity to focus on the emotions that life generates. “The Source” takes a moment of words before each poem to tell the reader what they can expect in the reading. It gives the reader some insight into the origin of each poem, the inspiration, and the unique qualities, rhyme meters and techniques that Steve has used. The sequence of the poems is in chronological order. The recent poems first, leading the reader on a trail back into the poets history. As the writer’s life has progressed, so have the stylistic features of the poems, and the rollercoaster of emotions related. Steve Deming is a trail rider, rodeo participant, winner of various buckles and awards. He is also a spiritual maverick, steeped in Christianity, and love of God, but one who meditates and believes in the reincarnation of the soul. Concentrate, if you will, on one poem at a time. Read each a few times until it flows for you. If you read but two or three poems at a sitting, you will know the meaning and take the subtlety, color, and flow of the word picture away with you. In concert, Steve plays music between each poem to give the audience the opportunity to cleanse their listening palate, and prepare for the next. Stick a copy of this book into your saddle bags and find a spot under a shade tree on the side of a hill to commune. Enjoy.


About the Author

Steve Deming

Steve Deming, has been writing cowboy poetry for more than thirty years. His first poem was a Mother’s Day Card. His Mom loved the card and encouraged Steve to write on various occasions. His first poem of the trail, “Cowboy Flats”, takes us to the edge of Catalina Island where Steve has ridden for thirty five years. He has owned and ridden several horses during that time and shares fond memories of their adventures together. He has ridden with the Los Caballeros on Catalina Island and served as their El Presidente. He has been active in Rancheros Visitadores in Santa Ynes. Steve is the ‘Poet Laureate’ there, and his poem “Empty Saddles” is a part of their Enramada Ceremony each year, honoring the fallen riders of Rancheros. He rides with the Vaqueros Del Desierto, the Santa Barbara Trail Riders, Viaje De Portola, and other groups around the southwest.