The Soldiers of the Cross

The gates of hell shall not prevail

by J. Laurence Stillwell


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The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

Suppose your neighborhood were being invaded by Nazis, and the screams you heard were your neighbors, crying out in pain. Would you ignore their cries? Turn up your television to drown out the sounds of their suffering? Or would you recognize the signs of invasion and rouse yourself to do something?

The Soldiers of the Cross takes Paul, a “dreamer,” on a journey into the world of spiritual struggle, as God reveals to him the many faces of warfare. Hell is knocking at the door, and eventually Paul realizes that he must be actively involved in fighting this enemy.

The author uses over 300 scripture references throughout the poem. A unique and deeply personal narrative, this epic, poetic saga takes us behind the scenes of everyday life, giving us a real glimpse of the spiritual war that is going on. It seeks to make warriors out of bystanders—to make us all realize that, no matter our age, if we are saved, we are all truly…Soldiers of the Cross.


Book Excerpt


Oh thou sacred barren hill,

A symbol of man’s cruelty to man,

Showing Divinity’s greater will,

Displaying God’s grandest plan.

Three crosses on you were planted,

Three crimes of various degrees,

Three men who never recanted,

Save one who to the Lord would plead.

Between two sinners Christ was nailed,

Loving man his only crime;

Beaten and brutally flailed,

Showing the greatest love of all time.

Where flesh and blood met wood and steel,

Where hate and love did wrest;

Where Satan thought his Lord killed,

Only to find He’d passed God’s test.

From cross to grave he was taken,

Sealed in rock and stone;

Guarded by those that hated him,

To make sure he was left alone.

But at the third day’s dawn

God rolled the stone away;

Death’s power over man was gone,

For it was resurrection day.

At last, death hath lost its sting,

The grave claims no victory;

Hallelujah to our Savior King

Who won the battle of Calvary.


About the Author

J. Laurence Stillwell

J. Laurence Stillwell is a former Marine with a tour in Vietnam under his belt. He has a personal understanding of war, and as a Christian he has an understanding of the personal, spiritual war in which we are engaged. At an early age, Stillwell found himself using poetry to express himself, and he has chosen poetry as a venue to address the subject of spiritual warfare. He has two grown sons and lives in Maine with his wife, Linda.

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