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The Roaring Twenties come to life in this extraordinary story of two couples who become soul mates and are on their way to wealth and fame. Talented teenager Annie sees the amazing dancer Mark at local dance contests in Fort Worth, Texas. She watches Mark and his beautiful dance partner tear up the floor, and sip from a silver flask. Determined to dance with Mark and find out what is in the flask, Annie defies her conservative parents and starts following Mark. Eventually she becomes his dance partner, and discovers that the lovely woman he used to dance with is his sister, Lorraine. Against her parents’ objections, she moves in with Lorraine, who is the mistress to Greg, a very wealthy man in an unhappy marriage. Greg recognizes Mark and Annie’s potential, and becomes their manager. United in talent and love, Mark and Annie marry, and become “The Dancing Kromers.” Mark and Annie, and Greg and Lorraine bond deeply through adventures as wild as the times they live in, from Fort Worth to Broadway, from the glow of the footlights to the glare of temptation, from show girls to gangsters, and from unknowns to millionaires benefiting from the oil boom. Vivid, colorful, richly characterized, The Silver Flask is a page-turner that will draw you in and enchant you with the best of a bygone era.


About the Author

Betty Ruth Read

BETTY RUTH READ has been on the verge of writing a novel since the 1940s, when her high school teacher predicted she was destined for greatness. College was a snap, as she mastered the power of the written word to convince her professors that she knew more about a subject than she did. Even the ex-husband who dumped her after 23 years predicted she’d write a book someday. Her children, Alan and Robbie, have always had faith that she would write down the stories she’d told them. Her granddaughter Tyler asked when she was going to write her book—and at the age of 86, she figured she’d waited long enough. She hopes to crank out a couple more before she turns 100.