Sex, Intrigue, and Designer Handbags

by Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers


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In meetings and in life,

everyone has their own agenda.

"I wasn't thinking PTA when I picked up my college diploma from the Dean's Office. (I couldn't attend the graduation ceremony with Mrs.

History Professor sitting right there - way too awkward.) I was thinking I wished I hadn't had that affair with Mr. History Professor, which led me to major in History, a serious mistake. I've always hated history.

It's so depressing, repeating itself all the time, preparing you for the future in that Brace Yourself kind of way, and leading to the humiliating admission to the Father-of-Your-Children-Rat-Bastard-Ex that he was right, there are no jobs for history majors. I wasn't thinking History when I joined the PTA, either, but now here I am, a historian of sorts - Recording Secretary (RecSec!) of the Lincoln Elementary School PTA, taking down in detail the conversations and events that will, with the passing of a day, become PTA history. One thing Mr. History Professor taught me about history - a little re-writing doesn't hurt."

"Doesn't miss a nuance or an irony. I found myself wanting to send it to all my friends. It's the mommy version of Bridget Jones' Diary!" - Kyle Redford, Teacher and Mother " Witty and utterly original! I laughed out loud all the way through."

- Leslie Urdang, Film Producer

"Delightful! Completely successful in creating a bizarre world filled with fresh and hilarious characters." - Alex Graves, Film & Television Director "Don't believe a word of this! You'll be hearing from my attorney!" - PTA President LolaBy "I should really be President. Trust me, she stuffed the ballot box - not to mention her bustier." - 4th V.P. Amee Gable "Where's the party?" - Dads Club


About the Author

Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers

Cherie Rodgers & Carol Olson are escapees from the film business. Both are recovering PTA Recording Secretaries, and serial volunteers (especially Carol, who is now in therapy: “Stop me before I volunteer