The Norskvall Saga: The End of Youth

by Michael the Red


Book Details

Oaths have consequences...

In the early days of the Norse a young Viking named Anders vowed to save the one he loved from her death. Both he and his cousin Raghilde were grandchildren of a goddess but, it did little to help them in his quest. Then her father Reider gave her a mysterious crystal ball that changed everything and lead them on an adventure across the worlds of Yggdrasil. It was then that she discovered her own destiny with the Dark Elves of Svartlheim.


About the Author

Michael the Red

Michael the Red is a fantasy author who has been creating stories and adventures for nearly thirty years. An avid fan of Viking history his own Norse heritage can be traced back over two thousand years. As a lifelong resident of Minnesota he enjoys writing, fishing and taking long walks in the lush forests of his native state.