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THE NEWEST TESTAMENT JESUS LIVES!!! Is it too much to call THE NEWEST TESTAMENT JESUS LIVES!!! a Bible for the modern age? Maybe not. After all, the Bible you turn to for daily guidance is God's Word delivered by those who have heard his voice directly. It's also the most exciting story in the world, full of love, and revenge, unbelievable triumph and shocking tragedy. And that's exactly what (King) David Coates's autobiography is. At the end of a church service, a prophetess prayed over Coates and told him that the Holy Spirit advised him to write this book." God has given you a testimony, and he wants everyone to hear it." Jesus delivered Coates from asthma, diabetes, pneumonia, alcoholism, Drug addiction, and cigarettes. He was shot at with guns on several occasions, and he was shot numerous times including getting shot in his face, and he lived. Jesus also delivered him out of the hands of the judicial system on numerous occasions without acquiring any felony convictions. Through all of these afflictions, Coates maintained his belief in the Lord offering prayers and praise to him. Though Christians will want to add this book to their daily devotion, non-Christians will be transformed by the modern-day miracles in it. And isn't that one of the great hallmarks of a bible, that it can prove it's case to even those still searching? So by the power of the Holy Spirit, and presented to all people; THE NEWEST TESTAMENT JESUS LIVES!!! A Brand new Bible!