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FROM THE MOMENT a child is born the whole world changes. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors—are introduced to a brand new person, a new individual whose personality and passions will affect everyone. And should a little trouble come into that new person’s life—created from their own bad choices and the consequences thereof—again, lots of people feel the effects. The events shared in this book, THE MIDNIGHT CALL, tell of my family’s very personal experiences with our son, Alex. His addiction to alcohol and drugs trapped us all in days, months and years that often spiraled out of control. And, as the drawing on this cover suggests hearts have been and are broken—yet today we are healing and making our own choices to live life and smile again. You may find many of these events are a mirror image of what you’ve experienced or are trying to live through right now—finding yourself in the throes of depression, anger and/or grief. My hope is that—as you read the pages of our true story—you will find the support and encouragement you need to go beyond surviving the moment and into the brighter days of tomorrow.


About the Author

Elizabeth Stone

Although the name Elizabeth Stone is a pseudonym, I am a very real person—wife to an awesome husband, mother of two sons, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one. Living in small-town USA, I was raised to believe in Faith, Family and hard work. Writing is not my profession, yet this story had to be told.



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