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A Quest for the True Meaning of Life

Set in the beautiful temple city of Burma, across the river into Thailand, and then in New York, The Illusion tells the story of Danny, a young Burmese student who escapes the tyranny of the military regime by obtaining refuge in the United States. There, he becomes a successful entrepreneur. His construction company grows quickly, but catastrophe strikes when a school building’s walk bridge—built by Danny’s company—collapses. A grand jury indicts him for the murder of schoolchildren, as the collapse occurred as a result of using inferior materials and submitting a fake inspection. Danny flees to Thailand, but the FBI catches up with him as he tries to enter Burma. He is brought back to New York for a trial in which he is found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to eighteen years in prison.

The Illusion chronicles Danny’s early years as well as his time in prison, where he is called “Baby Killer” and he struggles with his mother’s death. Determined to reclaim his own moral compass, he learns to meditate and search his soul for peace and inner happiness, and he begins to counsel other inmates, serving as a philosopher and guide. After an early release for good behavior, Danny enters a monastery and becomes a meditation instructor and counselor, helping children and adults find peace and a deeper meaning for their lives. This fast-paced, heart-wrenching novel touches upon the human elements of ambition, greed, fear, and compassion—and the illusion of perceived notions of truth and happiness.


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Dan Sharma

Dan Sharma is an American engineer, entrepreneur, and business management consultant with an international presence. The Illusion is his debut novel.Dan Sharma can be contacted via email:



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