The Googles

by Albert C. Davis with Joseph C. Davis


Book Details

“They clawed, they screamed, and they tore at the house all night.”

Death stalks the colony. Nothing living outside in the dark hours can survive. A valuable new metal, Liptrite, is mined and processed during the day. A young boy, his family, and a friendly native Gotoomp uncover a secret that might pull the entire colony apart. Together with a beautiful young swamp woman of mystery and a foundry owner who is not easily intimidated, this unlikely team must solve the mysteries within the colony and restore order.


About the Author

Albert C. Davis with Joseph C. Davis

Al is a retired, professional music educator. He has been entertaining children of all ages with his puppetry, musicals, and storytelling for over 60 years. He lives in Wrentham, MA with his many animals. Joe is a business professional who has worked closely with Al in many creative endeavors. He also resides in Wrentham, MA with his wife, two boys, and dog Thunder.