The Gathering Storm in the Middle East

Intrigue, Passion and Love at the Crucial Turning Point of the Crisis

by Robert Thomas Fertig


Book Details

Corrupt International Bankers.

Nuclear threats in the Middle East.

A Wife, a Seductress, an Angel.

Corrupt International Bankers.

Nuclear threats in the Middle East.

A Wife, a Seductress, an Angel.

All a far cry from the sedate suburban life and mundane corporate existence Richard Rinaldi has been leading. But now he is on a quest for real meaning in life, passion and true love.

Which of these three women will satisfy that quest?

There’s Eva, the seductress. She and Victor lead Richard into the quicksand of immorality and illegal business deals and Richard suddenly finds himself imprisoned in a dungeon waiting trial for fraud. But Eva is sexy, a wild spirit, and extremely passionate.

There’s Anne. A double agent who has the “right contacts” in Iran and delivers to them the computer technology they need to make their nuclear-tipped missiles more accurate. Richard has fallen in love with her. Is it real love? How can he trust his feelings for this angelic blond beauty?

There’s Susan, a devoted loving wife and mother of his children of twenty-one years. How can he possibly abandon them for this uncompromising quest for truth in life and real love?

Richard learns the lessons of life and love as the international plot between Iran, Syria, Israel and the U.S. Obama administration comes together to confront him and Anne, and he discovers that the real battleground on Earth is that one absolute freedom that we all have:

choosing between good and evil.


Book Excerpt

President Bush and his administration didn’t learn anything

from history: You can’t leave a country and its people

totally vanquished. The conqueror has a humanitarian responsibility

to help rebuild the infrastructure and feed the

masses of the conquered. Bush, Baker, Powell, and their inner

circle had no Desert Storm aftermath blueprint. They never

considered a kind of small-scale “Marshal Plan” for Iraq.

Accordingly, they repeated the serious blunders of the past,

again. Let the people rise up and throw out Saddam first,

was their foolish policy. While Bush publicly encouraged the

overthrow of Saddam by the people he didn’t give the insurrectionists

any weapons or material support to accomplish

this otherwise impossible objective.

Bush and Baker secretly wanted Saddam to stay in power in

order to prevent the country from disintegrating. They thought

this dictator was the only one strong enough to prevent a civil

war which might change the balance in the region. (History

shows that they were partly right). Consequently, Saddam’s

Republican Guard’s slaughtered countless helpless Kurds in

the North, and additional tens-of-thousands of poorly armed

peasants in the South.


About the Author

Robert Thomas Fertig

Robert Thomas Fertig is author of: The Beauty and Wonder of Transcendent Truths, A Guide to Universal Truths, the Software Revolution, principal writer for Waves of Change and the co-author of Engineering Workstations. Robert was President of Enterprise Information Systems, Inc., a technology consulting firm and holds a patent on Solar Technology. Currently he and his wife Miriam are volunteers for Guardian ad Litem, the independent and objective “eyes and ears” of the courts for thousands of America’s abused and neglected children.