Theft by Court

Inglewood and Culver City Municipal Courts Enforce Black Codes

by Esther M. Lofton


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Theft by Court

Theft by Court is the first time since the Emancipation Proclamation that a black citizen has held anyone accountable to the laws of this country for violating a descendant of American slaves.


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Whether the charges of driving on a suspended license were the concoctions of bigots or whether they were the reflection of the total disgust held by law enforcement officers for the most dysfunctional, inner-city political presence ever known is a decision each reader must make for himself after viewing documents, records and reports of an incident that began with something as normal in Los Angeles, California as a minor fender-bender.


About the Author

Esther M. Lofton

About the Author: Esther M. Lofton was presented documents proving that institutions of the American people evinced a design, with impunity, to reduce an inner-city youth legally, financially and politically. It would be unconscionable for her not to make this known to the American people for this is not an isolated instance of official wrongdoing. Inner city residents, including herself, lack the representation that protects them from capricious and arbitrary acts, especially from government. Esther lives in the city of Los Angeles with her eldest son, a 30-year employee with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), now retired minus all retirement benefits, also in the absence of cause. Contact Information: