The Flea Marketeer

by Stephen V. Roberts


Book Details

Randall Becks is a statistic; a New York squatter who gets by, day to day, in an environment with no “job”. He maintains his optimism through entrepreneurial activities at his local flea market in Alphabet City. His dream is to get the buy of a lifetime, which will propel him back to stability, and enable him to once again return to a “normal” life. When Becks has the opportunity to purchase a safe with a lost combination, he jumps at it. Inside is the history of a man, strangely like himself- money and an unidentified stone. In a search to appraise his gem, Becks meets jeweler Sid Barchetti, underworld figure and killer who sets his sights on it. Suspicious of Barchetti’s intentions, he seeks a second opinion by 47th St. gemologist Paul Striker. It leads to a secret meeting that evening at Columbus Circle where they’re attacked. Silenced by a bullet, the one person who can help Becks escape poverty is in a coma. Framed for the shooting, Becks is forced to prove his innocence, but when the desirable Milly Van Lowe- a prominent interior designer- is taken hostage, he must question his soul for the solution. The Flea Marketeer represents: a journey through pain, recovery, discovery, and joy; an assessment to every person’s need for interaction, and their reliance on friends in times of crisis.


About the Author

Stephen V. Roberts

My first novel The Flea Marketeer is an urban suspense, similar in style to John Steinbeck’s The Pearl. It utilizes twenty years of jewelry experience in customer service, a lifetime of “fleamarketing” and my familiarity with the neighborhoods of New York City. Please visit for more information.