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Whether you are an entrepreneur, business executive, nonprofit leader, consultant, or team member within your organization, this book is for you. The Five Lenses offers a framework for understanding organizational design, assessing company and program performance; and inspiring strategic thinking and behaviors that promote seamless alignment with key objectives. This book serves as an introduction to a foundational framework that allows you to quickly organize the numerous moving parts of your organization, along with the complex interactions amongst them, into explicit and actionable categories. You’ll develop a shared lexicon to engage in informed discussions, and you’ll discover a simple yet impactful way to enhance your organization’s opportunities for success. Leaders at every level across industries are applying the principles of The Five Lenses to identify what matters; understand what explicit decisions need to be made for strategic alignment; identify and exploit new revenue streams; and to facilitate productive communication and synergy among their teams… and so can you.


About the Author

Rashad Howard

Rashad Howard has a passion for helping people think deeply and make impactful decisions that lead to positive outcomes in life and work. As an extension of that passion, he has leveraged his lived experience, education, and work experience to create an easy to understand framework for driving organizational change. Rashad is an expert at streamlining business processes that ultimately help organizations achieve their goals and objectives. A proud graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Rashad Howard is a powerhouse in business and entrepreneurship. He is a captivating speaker, thoughtful educator, and an iconic voice in transformational leadership.