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Wildly imaginative and engaging.

A dark, horrific secret lies buried in the serenity of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Mountains. A psychotic, madman stalks the road ways of Bontonville for his next victim. His huge family property connects two highways with a private shortcut known only to him. He lures truckers and travelers into his private hell where he ruthlessly attacks them, hides their vehicles and disposes of their bodies in an immense underground lair where they become part of his deliciously macabre collection. For over twenty years not a shred of evidence has escaped his maniacal control. Until one day a federal agent on a case in the next county, stumbles on a clue that erupts into an intense, deadly chase to catch the most heinous killer in local history. Not since “Silence of the Lambs” has there been a novel so enthralling, imaginative, gruesome and bizarre. This is a tale with engaging characters, a realistic plot with many unexpected turns and a suspenseful, action-packed ending that will leave you exhausted.


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G. Bernard Ray

G. Bernard Ray has traveled the globe from the USA to China, and Europe to Latin America. He has lived in four different countries and visited at least a dozen more. His stories are shaped by this experience and from his love for the horror genre. An avid reader and movie fan, he weaves his tales with imagination and believability. He writes in a cinematic style that places you in the middle of the action, and the horror. This lifelong obsession and a uniquely overactive imagination will surely make him your new favorite author.



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