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Celebrity impersonators. Do they really love to do it, or do they really do it for love? Meet the Famous Fakes - known publicly as Stan, Oliver, and Charlie (and privately as Paul, Jean, and Steve). They’re three self-proclaimed "studs" (and world-proclaimed "losers") in a three-man theatrical company. Desperate for a break, they’re ready to do just about anything to take their particular "boys’ club" on the road. But to let a woman join them? On stage, yet?! That’s only asking for trouble…isn’t it? A "backstage pass" that even gets you into their beds, The Famous Fakes is a wild, sexy comic novel for adults. Read it, and find out why, before you can "be yourself", you might just have to "do" everyone else!


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J.D. Guinness

J.D. Guinness (pictured here at his vacation home of Maui, Hawaii) has written, produced, acted, sung, and directed for stage, television, radio, and film, and drawn cartoons and written articles for newspapers. He lives in Winnipeg, Canada with his wife and daughter and many pets. This is his first book.

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